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XA LINKSYSTEM is owned Bumiputra company doing business based on web design, printing and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). With the support of high expertise and experience in the industry, XA LINKSYSTEM established in February 2012 in Petaling Jaya. XA LINKSYSTEM offer products and services at affordable rates. To increase productivity XA LINKSYSTEM always cooperate and listen to customer needs. Quality is the foundation of our relationship with our customers, so XA LINKSYSTEM always offer products and services with the best technical support for all customers. The factor of transparency and integrity will be held in implementing any program, and consulting with clients. This is intended to preserve the interests of both parties and most importantly get feedback effectiveness and reliability of the customers for the long term.

We try to understand our client business work so that we could produce and meet our client expectation. By understanding design and graphic market today, we would like to bring this opportunity and share it with our client. Approximately 17 million Internet users in Malaysia, XA Link System would like to build our network with our client in this global market. We would like to continuing to support you as our goal. "Sometime simple idea is what you need."

We provide you flexibility, We have the ambitious and achievable so that we can grow with our client. Tell us and we listen so that we can meet your expectation. Why waiting? Contact us for further inquiries...


Being a number 1 web design including multimedia and media printing in Malaysia

Known as the local IT / Design premier manufacturer

Being a IT Solution Centre

Expand internationally to expand the market and awareness


Government's goal of achieving a society that knowledgeable in the eld of ICT.

Raising the level of owning a website and advertisement media including printing media for young

entrepreneurs and local companies in Malaysia thus offering a product / service best and affordable.

What We Do

Hosting & Web Design

Media Print

Corporate Publication

Stickers & Labels

Hardware & Software Supply

We are motivated people that are passionate and love about what we do. We believe that only web sites build with passion and a touch of love can be truly great web sites.

We try our best to meet our client expectation and offer the best value that you could experience.

Never the less, the team will make sure that the amount you pay is value for your money. The Team is motivated and capability in providing solution, so why waiting, talk to us…