In fact a blog is a type of website. But it is different from a complete website in following aspects:

  1. The contents of a blog are updated regularly. Posts are generally current and informative.
  2. Normally a blog is an informal way to communicate with the audience. It is interactive in nature. Visitors can express their opinion and communicate with the owners or other visitors.
  3. Anyone may have a blog whether it is an organization or individual.
  4. Blog is considered as Digital Magazine as the recent contents are shown at the top.
  5. A blog has a definite layout and shape. It is not as flexible as website. But you can easily change the design and layout just by using a different template!
  6. You don't need to be an expert to maintain a blog.

Most of the famous organizations have their official blogs. Even Google, Microsoft, Twitter use blog to communicate with their consumers. As the contents of blogs are regularly updated with fresh topics, they can easily get higher rank in the search engines. An organization usually publishes new offers, news updates, notices for the customers through blog.

An individual may also have a blog. A personal blog may be created by Blogger's, Word Press etc. Personal opinions, experience can be shared by these types of blogs.